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Welcome to Salford Sub Aqua Club

Try dive with Bsac & Greater Manchesters premier scuba & diving club in Salford - the best in the north west!

The Salford Branch of The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) was formed over 35 years ago. We have over 40 members of all grades ranging from Ocean Diver up to First Class.

We frequently go for outings in groups of up to 12, hiring boats for the purpose. Our members have dived in Gibraltar, Ireland, Egypt, The Maldives, France, Scotland, Wales, England, Spain, Sardinia, Indonesia, Florida, Sudan, Djibouti and Norway.

Try dive with Bsac & Greater Manchesters premier scuba & diving club in Salford - the best in the north west!

Living as we do in the Manchester area it is clear that a lot of travelling is involved and this is part of the cost of diving. Our nearest diving sites are 130 miles away and we often travel twice as far for a weekend outing.



Two swimming pool try dives are offered to all prospective members and are free at quiet times of the year.


Pop down to see us on a Monday night for a chat. we meet every Monday between 8pm and 9pm in the Main Pool at Fit City Broughton Pool, Great Cheetham Street West, Salford M7 9DN.

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Alternatively at the nearby Cricket Club following the pool on Mondays from 9.30pm, (26 Catherine Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 4HF) until close.

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Diving & Courses

Its November and the weather is still warm and it is very tempting to say lets carry on diving! Capenwray anybody?

Following on from the success of the Red Sea trip we discussed a number of courses many divers would benefit from these ranged from learning rescue techniques using oxygen, weight management, and what about finishing off sports, dive leader etc? It is the perfect time to look at what is needed and try and sort out!

Next year we are are trying to arrange another year of exciting dives in different locations and you want the right qualifications to dive them.


We have had three potentially new divers contact the club over the last few weeks, two have been down already and one is tomorrow night. The more divers we have the easier it is to arrange courses so please spread the word.


See you all at the baths or the pub to discuss the above and book some trips.  



Several weeks have now past since our trip to the Red Sea, we are still to book a venue for the Christmas bash but the interest is there for the next expedition

Suggestions so far Portugal in March - diving the newly sunk wrecks 

but currently flights around £150 + extra baggage 3 nights 4 dives £159.00 7 nights 5 days diving £400 _ flights

and the biggest trip if we can obtain at the right price -MALDIVES DEC 2016. around £1000

But that leaves a lot of months between now and those dates so it is time to sit down and talk venues and dates.

Lochaline- Scotland best deal I can find mid week diving Sun-Fri £280 s/c and 5 days boat diving.

Look up PA34 5XT its about 350 miles and around 61/2 hours to drive

More adventurous might be but not for the faint hearted look up Postcode IV55 8GD and add 100 miles to the trip above and an extra 21/2 hours travel

Diving looks spectacular -costs 5 days boat diving, air & s/c £375 based on 10 divers. 

Isle of Man -Availabilty as of tonight All of May, 23rd June, Aug 19th and Sept 16th? Cost roughly £500 boat & s/c

Gaelic Rose live aboard Scotland works out at £90 per day

Puffin Divers Oban Boat approx £45.oo a day

Eyemouth- no idea on availability without contact but aquamarine charters on a big catamaran £35.00 for 2 local dives £30 B& B a night

Venture Plymouth charters -again no idea of availability without contact but costs £50 midweek for two dives or £45.00 if more than 4 dives booked

Thats my starters for 10 what are yours? 




RED SEA and Dives to come

Well the Best of the wrecks trip to the Red Sea.(A Club trip Bill booked so long ago) It started with one club member being unable to travel at the very last minute, and by his generosity the place was filled very luckily by Paul W, and we were off!

Several new members of the club being lucky enough to have booked on to the trip and excited about what to expect! Arriving in Egypt late at night the air was incredibly hot and dusty making one wonder what to expect.

The boat the Red Sea Adventurer was ready and waiting and we were joined by two other diving groups one from Yorkshire and one from Portsmouth.

Quickly settled in we off early the next morning and straight off for a shake down dive at Tobia Arbaa. mission completed weights sorted and the lead bucket emptied! ( I suppose we should have warned them in advance I am not naming names!) 

Straight on to the Salem Express and for many the first dive on this particularly tragic wreck.

From this site onto Middle Reef for a night dive below the boat on a series of coral ledges. (What a start)

Then overnight the boat moved down to the Brothers where I will pick up the log and write more about these amazing dives next time.

Looking forward we need to slot into the calendar more dives!

Jan has arranged a trip to St Abbs on the 25/26th of this Month and I believe still places available both for the boat and suggested places to stay.

Still talking Teneriffe early December but before that any suggestions?

Another Red Sea liveaboard the year after next?, have a think and let us know


The Club was very active Saturday 05th September with training at Capenwray and a last opportunity to check and test gear before this weekends trip to the Red Sea.
Just wanted to congratulate Anthony who was signed off as an Ocean Diver on Monday night by the Diving Officer following the completion of his rescue dives on Saturday.
Very Well Done.
I have attached a couple of photos of Capenwray which I have never seen so quiet for a weekend, the water was incredibly clear and the sturgeon very active.
Nice also to see our old club members Debbie and Nick with Trafford who were also training. 


Just a quick Club update.

The Red Sea trip now looms very close and it is time to prepare the equipment for the trip, dust off the thin wetsuits ( I did say thin) and start throwing out all the weighty kit for the scales.
How fit are you? It is always a good question and not to be taken lightly when we are hopefully looking at 2-3 dives a day.
Trying to arrange a quick dip in Capenwray on Saturday if anybody interested. Finish some tests and check equipment probably in the rain but will have to think sun.


Currently strugglying to contact possible dive firm for October diving and therefore any ideas?


Where to next and as importantly where shall we go next year for our BIG trip? or planning ahead the year after?


Please get involved with the ideas and plans for future dives we need to know what you want and where you want to dive! Cheers







 Really surprised this week after last weeks plans to fit diving in from now until December as I half expected plenty of contact for the planned dives in the near future eg Seahouses.

We were very lucky to be offered dates including a potential weekend trip but as no takers I have let these go.

If I  am pitching in the wrong direction for possible trips please let me know! October and December are still pencilled in currently as are the Wednesday Capenwray events.


Have a good week and do not forget if coming down after the pool it will now be the WOODTHORPE.




Morning all!
Still on schedule with the current calendar, Novice exams were held last Monday at the Cricket Club!
I am intending to arrange a number of Wednesday nights at Capenwray for trainees to get some more open water diving experience in pre-arranged trips.
However these nights will be useful and not just for our new divers as I found out last time in, suit inlet valve has packed up (worn out) and letting in that quantity of water which makes for an uncomfortable dive better found there than on a week or few days away! 
At the Club Monday Seahouses appeared to be the destination of choice so watch the website, facebook or your phone and I will be trying to arrange a few days this month or next!
Tentatively talking about a few days in Tenerife in the first weeks of December (at the right price of course!)
Can you indicate if any interest?
Last night at the Cricket Club tomorrow night. Please attend if you can as from next week it will be all change!



The bad news is that I was approached on Monday night to tell me the Cricket Club want to put our fees up from being members who only use the Club for roughly one and half hours on a Monday night except for the rare lecture nights which increases our usage to 21/2 hours from £160 as members to £800 for forty nights!

I am apalled they will not support us to promote fitness and a sport for all ages and worse still refuse to compromise!

Just when we were getting back on our feet yet another kick in the teeth.

Clearly we cannot afford this hike in fees (we are already well in the red this year already so we are looking for a new meeting place.

Any ideas? Any suggestions?

Roughly two weeks left at Cricket Club so little time to re-arrange.

Cannot describe how disappointed Iam in the Crickets clubs decision In the short term I am thinking we will have to reconvene at the Holts pub on Bury Old Road  WOODTHORPE HOTEL


On a lighter and brighter note Fun in the pool last week revealed what size you have to be to get in Club Wetsuits ! With one or two straining at the seams I hope they act as drysuits tomorrow at Capenwray as I believe the forecast is rain in the morning (Fantastic)

So first outing for some and if you can be there I am sure we manage a pint afterwards to debrief the dives!


Cheers to an enjoyable first dive for our new members!


It is the 28th JUNE! Apologises

Quick update!
Firstly apologises Capenwray will be Sunday 28th June meeting at 10.00ish!  and not the 27th as previously published.
This week anybody who needs to finish the last three lectures you are sacrificing the baths for all three together courtesy of Dennis at the Cricket Club 08.00 prompt start please.
The following week is a pool session for trying out the club semi-dry wetsuits for the trainees ahead of the proposed Capenwray trip. Let us see who can one that fits?
I see an update from Bill is he is still waiting the remainder of the balance for the red sea trip from a couple of people- please sort! 
More Dives will be added shortly. 
Roll on the good weather and here is for another good week!
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