Types of diver


What diver training and qualifications do you provide as a club?


As a member of the British Sub Aqua Club, (usually called ‘Beezac’) you will have the opportunity to receive training leading to internationally recognised qualifications:

  • Ocean Diver
  • Sports Diver
  • Dive Leader
  • Advanced Diver
  • 1st Class Diver

The club provides equipment for 2 nights of TryDives.This counts as Lesson 1 of the OCEAN DIVER training which then requires attendance at 5 pool lessons and 8 outdoor underwater lessons (For these latter sessions you will need your own diving suit). Instruction in the basic skills for underwater safety and enjoyment is given by our highly experienced club trainers. Additionally there are 7 theory lessons to help you understand the interest, challenges and avoid the dangers of diving at this level. A successfully completed theory and practical examination results in the award of your OCEAN DIVER qualification.

A further set of 3 theory lessons, life saving training and a sufficient number of successful dives under the care of experienced divers prepares you for the next grade. Successful completion of another theory and practical exam will result in the SPORTS DIVER qualification.


More dive experience, another set of theory and practical lessons, and successful completion of a third exam will result in the award of the DIVE LEADER qualification. This grade could be achieved after two years of club membership if every opportunity for advancement is taken.

The highest grade that we can grant locally is that of ADVANCED DIVER. This qualification denotes a person who can take charge of all major outings and expeditions.

The BSAC´s highest diving grade requires a higher than average level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills. The First Class Diver award is a culmination of a number of years of diving experience. BSAC 1st Class Divers are assessed through nationally conducted examinations.

For members who are interested in teaching diving there are Instructor grades to be obtained. There is a constant need for the teaching of new divers and opportunities for employment in this field.

At Salford we have about 30 to 40 members of all grades ranging from Ocean Diver up to First Class.