Just a quick Club update.

The Red Sea trip now looms very close and it is time to prepare the equipment for the trip, dust off the thin wetsuits ( I did say thin) and start throwing out all the weighty kit for the scales.
How fit are you? It is always a good question and not to be taken lightly when we are hopefully looking at 2-3 dives a day.
Trying to arrange a quick dip in Capenwray on Saturday if anybody interested. Finish some tests and check equipment probably in the rain but will have to think sun.


Currently strugglying to contact possible dive firm for October diving and therefore any ideas?


Where to next and as importantly where shall we go next year for our BIG trip? or planning ahead the year after?


Please get involved with the ideas and plans for future dives we need to know what you want and where you want to dive! Cheers