Loch Fyne


News from the grey haired one since no comments on Loch Fyne yet! Many thanks to Colin for organising the weekend the diving and B & B accomodation we all thought excellent! (except Mark and Kat who booked themselves into an impressive hotel!)Shame Malcolm's new boat was not ready as this looks excellent and would have given us more room and shelter as well as enabling us to travel further a field (maybe next time?)

The weather could definately have been kinder with at times heavy rain and some hail on the Saturday to cheer us up!

Water temp was 8* so I suppose proper UK diving! Equipment failure was spectacular with Kevin emerging with a more than wet arm on numerous occasions from a cuff valve fixed by northern diver, Steve Ardern turning his cuff's into something resembling a laddered stocking (easy team) Matthew ripping his neck seal in half and my suit requiring a batman (thankyou Denis) to get me in out of it with a damaged tooth in the zip. All credit though all damage was repaired except for the neck but of course the DO had a spare suit to remedy this problem!. The scallops were fantastic and some of the underwater scenery spectacular in good vis. As a bonus dive for the last day we were told to try and find antique bottles and plates worth money! As ever ''the Salford doubters we will not find any thing'' were proved wrong by the Colin and Denis team who in being told to look for the items came up with bottles as well as a very impressive bag of scallops.

Few photos attached to remind those who went how good the weather was at times! comments welcome!

PS This time, I do not remember our intrepid DO losing a torch!