Time for this Club to book more trips to add to the calender! The water is starting to finally warm up and hopefully these strong winds will disappear. We are looking for training divers for our new recruits who are progressing well through the pool and lectures. Suggested dates for Capenwray? Who is available please let me know. I have been in contact with a few Dive Centres and the Club has an offer to arrange some diving in Cornwall? Again who is up for a trip which due to the distance would have to be one of our long weekends Thurs-Monday (ish)
A dive boat out of Eyemouth has a good programme of pre-arranged dives and boat capacity for varying numbers so if we are unable to fill a full boat other opportunities beckon! Again I have the list if anybody fancies a change of scenery?
We are in the process of checking Club Kit and before we come knocking can I please ask all new and past members to go through their kit to see if you have borrowed items and not yet returned. It all needs a check and servicing for the season.
And that is my note to finish on. Get your kit out! and see how dive ready it is. When was it last used? When was it last serviced? Better to find out now then get to a dive centre and find they will not fill your bottle as out of test or find the DV you meant to service last year has finally given up!
Well that has never happened has it???