The bad news is that I was approached on Monday night to tell me the Cricket Club want to put our fees up from being members who only use the Club for roughly one and half hours on a Monday night except for the rare lecture nights which increases our usage to 21/2 hours from £160 as members to £800 for forty nights!

I am apalled they will not support us to promote fitness and a sport for all ages and worse still refuse to compromise!

Just when we were getting back on our feet yet another kick in the teeth.

Clearly we cannot afford this hike in fees (we are already well in the red this year already so we are looking for a new meeting place.

Any ideas? Any suggestions?

Roughly two weeks left at Cricket Club so little time to re-arrange.

Cannot describe how disappointed Iam in the Crickets clubs decision In the short term I am thinking we will have to reconvene at the Holts pub on Bury Old Road  WOODTHORPE HOTEL


On a lighter and brighter note Fun in the pool last week revealed what size you have to be to get in Club Wetsuits ! With one or two straining at the seams I hope they act as drysuits tomorrow at Capenwray as I believe the forecast is rain in the morning (Fantastic)

So first outing for some and if you can be there I am sure we manage a pint afterwards to debrief the dives!


Cheers to an enjoyable first dive for our new members!