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The British Sub Aqua Club (B.S.A.C.) has over 1200 branches mostly in this country but some others worldwide.

The Salford Branch of BSAC was formed over 35 years ago. We have about 20 members of all grades ranging from Club Diver up to Advanced.

We frequently go for outings in groups of up to 12, hiring boats for the purpose. Our members have dived in Gibraltar, Ireland, Egypt, The Maldives, France, Scotland, Wales, England, Spain, Sardinia, Indonesia, Florida, Sudan, Djibouti and Norway.

Living as we do in the Manchester area it is clear that a lot of traveling is involved and this is part of the cost of diving. Our nearest diving sites are 30 to 60 miles away and we often travel twice as far for a weekend outing.

Overnight accommodation, hire of boats and use of compressed air all add to the cost and of course the equipment that we use is not cheap. It has to be said that a reasonably equipped diver is wearing over £1500 of gear. Although some of this would need to be bought in the first year of membership, as only limited training progress could be made without it, most equpment can be bought over time and it is often possible to pick up good second-hand equipment at half price.

In spite of the costs we have many keen members who find it all very worthwhile. They spend their time exploring shipwrecks, taking photographs and videos, and learning about the many strange and unusual plants and animals which they now have access to as part of this high tech sport. Some merely enjoy the sensations of being easily able to move about in three dimensions in conditions of near weightlessness!

Or pop down to see us on a Monday night for a pint and a chat.

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Welcome to Salford Sub-Aqua Club Questions and Answers page. The purpose of this page is to give prospective new members an idea of what diving with Salford SAC is all about:
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