New Diver

Further training


Once I'm qualified as a club diver, what further training can I do?


At our club we have instructors qualified to teach:


We can also run other courses in conrunction with BSAC

  • Life Saver Award,
  • Advanced Life Saver Award,
  • First Aid,
  • Oxygen Administration,
  • Practical Rescue Management,
  • Search and Recovery,
  • Advanced Diving Techniques,
  • Dive Planning & Marshalling.


Medical matters


Will I need a medical check?


Initially no, but if you take training further there are medical considerations:

For 'try-dives' the answer is 'No' but we do ask you to sign a disclaimer which states that you do not know of any reason why you cannot try diving out.

Club Benefits


What are the benefits of club membership?


Just some of the benefits are:

  • Membership of a good friendly club,
  • Indoor pool training / free use of the swimming pool.
  • Theory lectures,
  • Loan of club equipment (for pool training),
  • Open-water instruction,
  • BSAC produced training materials,
  • Membership of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)
  • BSAC third-party liability insurance.
  • 'DIVE', BSAC's monthly magazine (also available online).


Equipment & Costs


What equipment will I need and how much does it cost?


The equipment list is extensive and diving is not a cheap sport. It will cost upwards of £1,500 to put together a full basic set of diving equipment for use in and around the UK.

Borrowing equipment may be an option in the short-term, but you will find it extremely helpful, if not essential to have your own:

Try dives


Can I come along to see if I'd like it?



We are taking 'TRY-DIVES' throughout the year. These are free during quiet periods for two introductory pool sessions, and cover both the air used and the use of club gear. At busy times of the year we charge £20 for the above, but this will be subtracted from your membership fee should you join.

Club diving


Why do you believe club diving is better than going to a school?


There are several reasons:

  • Diving with a club is universally acknowledged to be 'safer' than diving alone.
  • It's a great way of meeting 'like-minded' people who often become firm friends. Dives can then be arranged 'over a pint' at your convenience.
  • You have constant access to a vast wealth of experience in areas such as equipment, sites, safety, technique etc.




Training: What do you expect of me?


After your two 'try-dives' we will expect the following as you start your training in earnest:

  • You must be fit to dive. This involves a medical check-up as indicated
  • You must be able to swim, certainly not Olympic standard but be happy with your face underwater
  • You must join the club and pay the membership fee
  • You must be over the age of 14 years


As your indoor pool training begins you would benefit from obtaining:

  • A good quality diving mask (ask for advice),
  • A pair of fins (flipper was a dolphin!)
  • A snorkel


We will provide for initial pool training:

  • An Instructor
  • The above items until you can purchase them
  • All other relevant equipment to complete this phase of your training


To obtain the BSAC Ocean Diver qualification, training can take as little as six weekly lessons, but this depends on you, your attendance and progress and we certainly do not allow people to go onto the next phase until they are happy with the previous phase.


Your instructor expects:

  • You to turn up for training sessions promptly at 7.45 pm for pool sessions and the time indicated for theory lessons.
  • If at any time you can't make it PLEASE let your INSTRUCTOR know well in advance

Please note, YOUR INSTRUCTOR IS NOT PAID. They instruct because they actually enjoy teaching you!


What does it cost?


What does it cost to go diving?


Diving is not a cheap sport; some of the typical costs are:-

  • Club membership
  • Training fees
  • Basic equipment
  • Advanced equipment
  • Equipment servicing
  • Travel & Accomodation


The costs of club membership for 2016/17 are:-

1st year membership £160-00 (there is an early payment discount of £ 10.00) + Training Pack (£40.00) Abated membership for 2 persons £300.00 (there is an early payment discount of £ 20.00)

Subsequent years £ 160-00 Junior or Student member £110.00 Junior family member £ 80.00

(The membership fee automatically includes your BSAC memebership fee)

The higher cost for the first year covers training, swimming pool usage, registration and several instruction manuals. All members get the monthly BSAC DIVE magazine free, abated members share 1 copy.

Higher grade divers and instructors receive a modest reduction on their subscriptions.

Pool session fees Free.

Living as we do in the Manchester area, a lot of travelling is required to get to dive sites. Our nearest diving sites are 30 to 60 miles away and we often travel twice as far for a weekend outing.

Overnight accommodation, hire of boats and use of compressed air all add to the cost and of course the equipment that we use is not cheap. It has to be said that a reasonably equipped diver is wearing over £1500 of gear. Although some of this would need to be bought in the first year of membership, as only limited training progress could be made without it, most equipment can be bought over time and it is often possible to pick up good second-hand equipment at half price.

In spite of the costs we have many keen members who find it all very worthwhile. They spend their time exploring shipwrecks, taking photographs and videos, and learning about the many strange and unusual plants and animals which they now have access to as part of this high tech sport. Some merely enjoy the sensations of being easily able to move about in three dimensions in conditions of near weightlessness!


Two swimming pool try dives are usually offered free to all prospective members.


Or pop down to see us on a Monday night for a pint and a chat. We meet after the baths at approximately 9.15 at the Woodthorpe Pub, Heaton Park.

Types of diver


What diver training and qualifications do you provide as a club?


As a member of the British Sub Aqua Club, (usually called ‘Beezac’) you will have the opportunity to receive training leading to internationally recognised qualifications:

Types of diving


What diving do you do as a club?


We cater for all types of divers and regularly visit a range of dive sites:

  • Sea diving holidays around Britain
  • Quarries
  • Rivers
  • Sea-shore
  • Sea diving holidays farther afield
  • Salford Quays!
  • Weekly pool practice sessions


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